Don’t Take Our Word For It

Yesterday was perhaps one of my happiest days!!! I started out with Maggie’s Cowboy Pizza Eggs for breakfast which was this is a way to start your day for sure! Packed full of flavor and deliciousness! Moving on to’s BACK...drum roll please...Maggie’s Loaded Chicken Salad😋🤪😘. This little masterpiece was seared into my pallet from the first time she made it and I have been patiently waiting for Maggie to put it back on the menu...scrumptious🤗 Then let’s talk about dinner, I have died and gone to heaven for sure! I had the whole Enchilada and “rice!” This Mexican dish was better than any Enchilada I’ve had at a restaurant...OMG totally yummy, delicious and satisfying! Okay, I admit I finished off my night with a Peanut Butter cup and fell into a blissful food coma and slept like a baby 👶!!! Now I’m up again and heading for the frig for my delicious breakfast 😋🤗🥰

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